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Session Five

January 28th, 2010

Here is an update from the 1/27 meeting:

– We came to a consensus that we would like to look into local child-centered poverty policies and initiatives (Bridges, etc) at the February meeting, national child-centered poverty policies and initiatives (Philadelphia Center, Harlem Children’s Zone) at the March meeting and through summer field study, as well as global child-centered poverty policies and initiatives starting in March and with field study this summer (perhaps in Cuba).

– As a group, we are committed to summer study in Philadelphia and NYC, but we are still trying to reach consensus on a global study location for the summer. Last night there was a surge of interest in Cuba and its unique policies that intersect poverty/children/education. If we are to add a global study location we need to determine a location soon. All members of the group are requested to bring a global study option (if Cuba is not of interest) to our February. Cuba was one option because of its ability to meet a number of the identified goals stated here:

– Joan and Heather will be arranging readings (we will send out soon) and a visit from the directors of the Bridges program (a local poverty initiative) for our February meeting.

– Our meeting is scheduled for 2/19 but there were a couple members who had a conflict with this time. We could change out meeting date to meet more schedules as well as coincide our meeting with the presence of the Philadelphia Center’s visit to campus on 2/11. Perhaps we could use the first 90 min. of our to meet with Bridges, and the discuss the potential opportunities with the Philadelphia Center at the end. Our third option is 2/26 which would eliminate the Philadelphia Center but might accommodate more of our schedules. To assess the feasibility of this, please complete the poll below by the end of the day so we can have a secure date.

– Chuck will be looking into readings regarding the Philadelphia Center and I will be working with Alison to order Whatever It Takes: Geoffrey Canada’s Quest to Change Harlem and America, about the Harlem Children’s Zone.

– Heather also volunteered to create a bibliography for general readings on poverty. This will be on the group blog here:

-Possible readings for Cuba (if selected for global study):
Children on the Streets of the Americas: Globalization, Homelessness and Education in the United States, Brazil, and Cuba
Cuba’s Academic Advantage: Why Students in Cuba Do Better in School

Please let me know if I missed anything. I look forward to our new semester a renewed focus! Take care.