Group’s Focus

September 3rd, 2009

From President Cornwell’s introductory email:

At a broad level, the 2009-2010 Hales Fund Group will be looking globally at issues of community development and models for ameliorating the condition of poverty, with a particular focus on children. The readings will be selected by the group but possible readings include Planet of Slums (Mike Davis) and Whatever it Takes (Paul Tough). Tentatively, we envision a field experience model that combines global, domestic, and local engagements with community development. First, we are all committed to studying this issue at the local and national levels, particularly since it is important not to ignore poverty in our own backyards.  Thus, we maintain that there is substantial value in having the field study take place at several locations, both urban and rural, within the United States. Additionally, we would like to explore successful community development efforts underway in developing countries.

Original Proposal

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