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Session Three

October 7th, 2009

Below you will find links to the readings for October 14.  Thanks to Jim Warner and Jen Rutlidge for providing these articles.

Childhood And The Policy Makers : A Comparative Perspective On The Globalization Of Childhood – Jo Boyden

Children Living In Poverty: Overview Of Definitions, Measurements And Policy – Delamonica, Minujin, Davidziuk, Gonzalez

The Capability Approach: Its Development, Critiques and Recent Advances – David A. Clark

Session Two

September 16th, 2009

Readings for the session on September 16, 2009:

  • Toward a Framework for Understanding Forces that Contribute to or Reinforce Racial Inequality – William Julius Wilson
  • Planet of Slums: Urban Involution and the Informal Proletariat – Mike Davis
  • America’s Shame: Children Living in the Shadows of America’s Prosperity – Carol Camp Yeakly, Jeanita W. Richardson, and Judith Brooks Buck

Session One

September 3rd, 2009

Included below is some of the language in the original proposal, language that should provide a place to begin the conversation.  We have also attached two NY Times articles by Paul Tough, the author of “Whatever It Takes” about Geoffrey Canada and the Harlem Project.  Before Friday, try also to look at the United Nations’ “Millennium Development Goals report- 2008.”  Let’s talk about these articles and the UN goals on Friday and discuss the direction we might take with this reading group.

In addition to Tough’s book, the group might also consider Mike Davis’s book, “Planet of Slums,” Jonathan Kozol’s book, “The Shame of a Nation” (Kozol will be on campus in mid-October), or Duncan Lindsey’s book, “The Child Poverty and Inequality.”

We hope the rest of your first week goes well and look forward to seeing everyone on Friday.

Alison and Joan